Some insights from Living With Cancer family members of our cancer heroes that are no longer with us, but we shared in their journey to the end.

“I hope that you will find connection and comfort from being part of the group. This group reminds us that we are not the only one fighting cancer, gives up hope when we share good news and a safe place to share when we are angry and scared. And in between we aim to live as fully as we can despite having cancer. This group is very special, and you will see we all have difficult but different journeys. I do get support and love from the group. Don’t feel you need to always be positive and brave. At time we need to say we are angry, scared, anxious. Acknowledge those feelings as it can exhausting to pretend you are strong all the time. But then pick yourself up focus on what’s good in your life and take the next step forward.”

– Vivienne

“It is so comforting to be part of such an awesome, caring and supportive group. Bless your leadership and inspiration to our group Belinda and thanks all for making me feel so welcome.”

– Gill

“This group will make you feel that you are not alone. You find all sorts of support from this group.”

– Lynette

members part of our support group

“The group is very encouraging and supportive of one another. It is so helpful to know that there are many going through the same ordeal but that there is support, prayers and love close by.”

– Oriol

This is an amazing family. The people on this group are truly remarkable. I believe you will find comfort when needed.”

– Shannon

“The people on this group are blessings to this world.”

– Joany

“This an inspiring, supportive group with very courageous people on this group.”

– Charlene

“I Find so much support from the members of the group especially from one of the ladies that had lung cancer to we use to speak a lot before she passed earlier this year. She told me about the place where I can hire the oxygen machine from that I need for my condition. I still think alot about her especially when I used my oxygen machine. Though I am quite quiet at the moment on the group It’s always nice to see how the other support each other. We share info that can help others with similar cancers. A group like this helps a lot because we are supporting each other through the awful disease. So nice to be at a place of comfort, love, care a place where a person can find encouragement.”

– Anne-Marie

“You make me feel not alone. People understand, feel and grief with me.”

– Natasha

“This special circle of people brought together by an inspirational couple. May your journey be one of healing.”

– Sandy

Some insights from living with cancer family members of our cancer heros that are no longer with us, but we shared in their journey to the end.

“Cancer can be an incredibly lonely journey, but fortunately for my mom she was part of your remarkable support group. Attending your monthly meetings and belonging to your WhatsApp group made my mom feel safe enough to share her own experiences and emotions with other warriors like yourselves. The cancer support group offered a great deal of comfort and strength to my mom knowing she was not alone, and other people were walking the same path as her. Friendship is a powerful aid in helping anyone heal form a physical illness and my mom often spoke of the comfort knowing that she was not alone. My mom always spoke so highly about the members of the support group and how she felt hopefully after your meetings. My family and I will be forever grateful to the support and love that you all gave to my mom on her journey”

– Laura


The Legacy of Love Memorial Wall for Those Who Fought Cancer is a heartfelt tribute and digital sanctuary created to honour the cherished memories of individuals who bravely battled cancer. At Living with Cancer, our mission extends beyond providing support to patients and families; it encompasses preserving the legacies of those who have touched our lives. This virtual memorial serves as a platform where people can share their stories, memories, and reflections of loved ones lost to cancer. By submitting their stories to our blog, individuals can immortalise the enduring impact of their loved ones' lives and offer solace to others who may be navigating similar journeys. As a non-profit cancer support group dedicated to closing the gap and combating the cancer crisis in South Africa, we recognise the importance of preserving these legacies of love as a beacon of hope and inspiration for future generations. Together, through storytelling and remembrance, we strive to cultivate a community of support, resilience, and compassion in the face of adversity.