With the signing of this form, I/We hereby grant my/our voluntary consent to the use, processing, collection and/or disclosure of my/our personal information in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013.



I/We furthermore agree that my/our personal information may be used for lawful and reasonable purposes in as far as LIVING WITH CANCER (the responsible party) requires to use this information in the performance of its duties.



LIVING WITH CANCER is therefore, hereby granted my/our express consent to the utilisation of my/our personal information (inclusive of my/our pathology reports) to assist the South African National Cancer Registry (NCR) and other medical institutes / pharmaceutical companies for the purposes of better decision making as regards oncology medication and spend OR for any other relevant purposes LIVING WITH CANCER deems fit.

I/We fully understand that for the abovementioned reasons my/our personal information may at any time be disclosed to any third party for LIVING WITH CANCER to perform its duty.



Furthermore I/We understand that in terms of the abovementioned Act there may be instances wherein which my/our express consent is not necessary to permit the processing of personal information which may be related to litigation or when this information is publicly available.

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